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Are You Looking To Elevate Your eCommerce Business?

Welcome to The eCommerce Coach School, where your eCommerce dreams turn into measurable successes. Led by Rolland Peter, an MBA turned entrepreneur and 7-figure brand owner who built and sold multiple e-commerce businesses, our school emerges as a guiding beacon for budding entrepreneurs. 

Through our flagship programs, Ecomm Elevate and Elite Seller Guild, we’ve designed a roadmap to help you establish, expand, and elevate successful eCommerce brands. Our approach is unwavering: we want you to achieve outstanding success without facing overwhelming challenges.

 Don’t miss out; tune into our podcast, “The eCommerce Coach School,” available on Apple, Spotify, and Google. Together, let’s craft your eCommerce journey, marking every milestone of success.  

What We Do


Educate: Mastering the art of eCommerce with us


Empower: Fueling confidence for your eCommerce journey.


Elevate: Ascend higher in your eCommerce aspirations.

Unlocking the Secrets to eCommerce Mastery

Your eCommerce Journey Starts Here

Unlocking the Secrets to eCommerce Mastery

Your eCommerce Journey Starts Here

Your entrepreneurial spirit is your most potent asset in the eCommerce world. Every business decision you make, and every brand you create, stems from your vision and ambition.

When you learn to channel that energy with expertise and proven strategies, you’ll be astounded at what you can achieve and how seamlessly you can craft the profitable eCommerce brand you’ve envisioned.

The eCommerce Coach School, under the guidance of Rolland Peter – an MBA turned entrepreneur and 7-figure brand owner, offers the most innovative tools and avant-garde training to catalyse exceptional results for your eCommerce endeavours. All you need is to walk the path we’ve paved for you.

Our methodology is intuitive to grasp and promises transformative changes for your business, surpassing any approach you’ve encountered before. Are you prepared to invest wholeheartedly in your eCommerce vision?

The eCommerce Coach School’s Elite Seller Guild is an intensive program designed to provide you with the momentum needed to craft a scalable eCommerce enterprise. 

Join the Elite Seller Guild to discover insightful strategies and tools tailored for the growth of your eCommerce venture.

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Elevate with Ecomm Elevate

Elevate is here to transform your eCommerce journey from start to finish. Whether you’re already on the path to eCommerce success or just beginning, we equip you with the tools to ascend even higher. In this program, you’re the brand architect. Ecomm Elevate is your perfect ally if you aim to supercharge your eCommerce business and achieve remarkable outcomes.

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Elite Seller Guild Program

If you’re driven to excel in the eCommerce arena, our Elite Seller Guild Program is your gateway. In just 8 weeks, immerse yourself in comprehensive coaching where you’ll gain all the insights and strategies to emerge as an elite eCommerce entrepreneur. There is no finer eCommerce training experience than this.

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